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Another win for Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

After nearly 6 years, Client’s application for adjustment of status (AOS) as the battered spouse of a U.S. citizen was approved by USCIS.  Client’s initial I-360 was approved by USCIS but at the adjustment stage was revoked and his application for adjustment of status was denied.  He then filed a second I-360 which was again approved and he again filed for AOS.  His second application was pending for over 2 years and after several Requests for Evidence his application was approved and he is now a lawful permanent resident.

Another win for our Law Office. AOS granted in proceedings

AOS for FN placed in removal proceedings –
Application for adjustment of status granted for Client that was placed in removal proceedings because of a DUI.  Client can now stay in the United States with her husband and young son.

Another Win for Our Law Office on Writ of Mandate

Our client’s date of birth was incorrect on her naturalization certificate and for years she unsuccessfully tried to correct this error with Immigration, including various appeals.  When our office was retained, we filed a lawsuit against Immigration in federal court to force them to amend our client’s naturalization certificate.  Within months of filing, our client received her correct certificate.

E-2 Approved for Smog Station

E-2 approved for investor and spouse based on purchase of smog and auto repair company near San Diego, CA.

Another Win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Prosecutorial discretion granted and deportation case administratively closed for client with 10+ years in the United States but no immediate relatives, no documented employment history or tax filings and several vehicle code arrests/convictions.  Client can now remain in the U.S. legally in hope of immigration reform in the future.

Another Win for Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Naturalization application approved for permanent resident with 3 DUIs and a drug conviction.

Another Win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner regarding a Provisional Waiver

Provisional waiver granted for Client who entered the United States without inspection in 2001.  Waiver was based on hardship to his U.S. citizen wife, who he recently married and with whom he has a U.S. citizen daughter.

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