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Another win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Adjustment of status application approved for Client and his wife under 245(i) despite DUI and firearm convictions.

Acting AG Sets New Briefing Schedule for Matter of L‑E‑A‑ and Matter of Castillo-Perez

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced a new briefing schedule for Matter of L‑E‑A‑, a decision he previously referred to himself for review of whether, and under what circumstances, an individual may establish persecution on account of membership in a “particular social group” based on membership in a family unit. He also announced a new briefing schedule for Matter of Castillo-Perez, a decision he previously referred to himself for review of issues related to eligibility for cancellation of removal and the impact of multiple convictions for driving while intoxicated when determining whether an individual lacks “good moral character.” In both cases, briefs of amici are now due on or before February 25, 2019.

Another win for our Law Office. AOS granted in proceedings

AOS for FN placed in removal proceedings –
Application for adjustment of status granted for Client that was placed in removal proceedings because of a DUI.  Client can now stay in the United States with her husband and young son.

Another Win after 8 years: Cancellation of Removal Granted

After 8 years in court, cancellation of removal application granted for lawful permanent resident who had several DUIs, a harassment conviction and a grand theft auto conviction.

Another Win for Law Offices of Brian Lerner on DUI expungment

Motion to expunge 2010 DUI conviction granted.  Client can now apply for naturalization.

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