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Trump Proposes a Refugee Ceiling of 18,000 for FY2020

The White House released a document noting that President Trump is proposing a refugee ceiling of 18,000 for FY2020. Further, the president also issued an executive order instructing the federal government to settle refugees only in those jurisdictions in which both the state and local governments have consented to receive refugees under the DOS Reception and Placement Program. CNN reports that the proposed refugee ceiling would mark a “new historic low” and that the executive order could allow states and local jurisdictions to deny refugees entry.

District Court Blocks Implementation of Notice Expanding Expedited Removal

In a lawsuit challenging DHS’s expansion of expedited removal that was filed by the American Immigration Council, the ACLU, and the law firm of Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett LLP, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson granted the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction and issued an order blocking DHS from implementing its July 23, 2019, notice that significantly expanded the categories of persons eligible for expedited removal. In other federal court litigation news, U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee issued a decision blocking a Trump administration regulation that would terminate the Flores Settlement Agreement and allow families to be detained for lengthy periods of time.

The Naturalization Process Just Got Harder for Noncitizen Troops Stationed Overseas

Military.com reports on USCIS’s announcement that the number of places overseas where noncitizen service members and their families can be naturalized will be cut from 23 to four due to the agency’s closures of international offices. Noncitizen service members will now have to apply for naturalization at four overseas military bases or “hubs,” and USCIS officers will travel to each hub every quarter to provide naturalization services

New York Times Magazine: How ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age

Surveillance Age
The New York Times Magazine reports on ICE’s quiet embrace of big data, profiling the agency’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants in a Pacific Northwest community. Analysis of government-procurement records, interviews, and documents obtained via public-records requests reveals new evidence of surveillance of detainees’ voice and video calls at ICE facilities and extensive proof that the agency relies on state DMV databases and information products like Thomson Reuters’s CLEAR, short for Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting, to target immigrants.

USCIS Is Realigning the Organization and Structure of Domestic Regional, District, and Field Offices

USCIS announced that the Field Operations Directorate is realigning the organization and structure of its domestic regional, district, and field offices. The new structure will consist of four regions, 16 districts (four in each region), and 88 field offices. Currently, there are four regions, 24 districts, and 88 field offices.

Is ICE Trying to Deport This U.S. Citizen? Francisco Galicia Remains in Limbo Two Months After Release

The Dallas Morning News reports that a U.S. citizen high school student who was in custody for 23 days after being detained at a Border Patrol checkpoint was recently informed by ICE that his case has been filed in immigration court.

Advocacy Groups File Lawsuit Seeking Release of Records on Government’s New Credible Fear Screening Procedures

few weeks ago, reports emerged that DHS had begun utilizing CBP officers to conduct credible fear interviews, but the unprecedented shift in functions remains shrouded in secrecy. The American Immigration Council and Tahirih Justice Center recently filed a FOIA lawsuit to uncover more information about this move and how it’s altering the asylum process.

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