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Select Blog to view immigration articles of every subject and event in Immigration Law. Learn and get the help you need. Written by Immigration Lawyer and Certified Specialist Brian D. Lerner

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Interested in Deportation, Marriage Petitions, Work Permits, Green Cards, Citizenship or Appeals?

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Our Law Firm offers several virtual consultations every week. The consultations are free and will let you know how our immigration lawyers and deportation attorneys can help you and what will be the cost.

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Our Immigration Articles, span Immigration Law over the entire U.S. If you live in the U.S. or are outside the U.S. and want to enter, there will be articles here for you. Our Immigration Law Offices practices all areas of Immigration.

Our Immigration Blog spans decades of Immigration Law

Interested in Deportation, Citizenship, Appeals, Waivers, Nonimmigrant Visas, Work Permits, Green Cards, Marriage Petitions, Employment Petitions or any other area of Immigration Law?

There are multiple grounds on what makes you removable from the U.S. If you are in immigration detention, our national immigration law firm can prepare and argue a motion for bond redetermination to get you out. We can also argue and submit during trial all the necessary evidence to try to win a cancellation of removal case. Even if you lose in immigration court, we can try to appeal the case to the board of immigration appeals.


Our national deportation law firm will help with any removal case anywhere in the U.S. Our deportation attorneys have been providing deportation defense for nearly 30 years. Our immigration attorneys will appear with you in all immigration court appearances. Of course this will include the initial or master calendar hearing.
Laws and regulations are changing all the time. Winning a deportation hearing takes years of experience.

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