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The issue of American Samoans’ citizenship is still unclear.

A federal judge said American Samoans should be considered U.S. citizens, not U.S. nationals. However, on Friday another federal judge issued a stay on that order until the issue is resolved on appeal. Being a U.S. national means that American Samoans cannot vote in U.S. elections or hold certain government jobs. The government’s position on appeal is the courts cannot make citizenship decisions, only Congress can. The government of American Samoa agreed with the U.S. government, saying that “imposed” U.S. citizenship would violate American Samoa’s self-determination.

Another win for Law Offices of Brian Lerner on Naturalization

Naturalization application approved at interview with several public charge issues

The Naturalization Process Just Got Harder for Noncitizen Troops Stationed Overseas

Military.com reports on USCIS’s announcement that the number of places overseas where noncitizen service members and their families can be naturalized will be cut from 23 to four due to the agency’s closures of international offices. Noncitizen service members will now have to apply for naturalization at four overseas military bases or “hubs,” and USCIS officers will travel to each hub every quarter to provide naturalization services

Trump Administration Is Spending Enormous Resources to Strip Citizenship from a Florida Truck Driver

The Intercept reports on the Trump administration’s efforts to denaturalize Parvez Manzoor Khan, a 60-year-old truck driver and grandfather of three who’s been a citizen without incident since 2006 for failing to disclose a past deportation order of which he was unaware.

USCIS Issues Policy Alert on Marriage and Living in Marital Union Requirements for Naturalization

USCIS is updating policy guidance in its Policy Manual to clarify the married and living in marital union requirements for naturalization under INA §319(a). The updated guidance is effective immediately, is controlling, and supersedes any prior guidance on this matter.

Army Reinstates At Least 36 Discharged Immigrants

The Associated Press reports that at least three dozen immigrant recruits who were discharged from the U.S. Army after enlisting with a promised pathway to citizenship are being brought back to serve. Another 149 discharges have been suspended and are under review

DOJ Secures First Denaturalization as a Result of Operation Janus

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that a judge revoked the naturalized U.S. citizenship of Baljinder Singh and canceled his Certificate of Naturalization, reverting him to lawful permanent resident status and rendering him potentially subject to removal proceedings at DHS’s discretion. This case was the first denaturalization to result from the DHS initiative Operation Janus.

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