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USCIS Announces It Will Keep Seven International Field Offices Open

USCIS announced that it plans to maintain operations at its international field offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nairobi, New Delhi, Guatemala City, Mexico City, and San Salvador. USCIS plans to close the remaining 13 international field offices and three district offices by August 2020.

U.S. Border Agency to Expand Use of Facial Recognition Tech

CBP is set to expand its use of facial recognition technology to screen people entering the country. A draft request for bids lays out CBP’s plans to replace its existing “token-based” security system, which relies on verification methods such as passwords, with a biometric one. CBP also plans to replace Global Entry kiosks at the border with a “facial recognition solution.”

USCIS Returns Unselected FY2020 H‑1B Cap-Subject Petitions

USCIS announced that it has returned all FY2020 H‑1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected in the lottery. Petitioners who haven’t received a receipt notice or a returned petition for a cap-subject H‑1B petition by August 29, 2019, should contact USCIS for assistance.

H‑2B Petitioners Must Include Temporary Labor Certification Final Determination with USCIS Form I‑129

USCIS announced that employers whose H‑2B application was processed in FLAG must include a printed copy of the electronic one-page “final determination” of their H‑2B temporary labor certification approval when submitting Form I‑129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. Employers must also ensure that the DOL Case Number identified on the final determination is the same as the ETA Case Number provided in Part 5, Item 2 of Form

USCIS Acting Director Instructs Asylum Officers to Consider Possibility of Internal Relocation in Home Country for Credible Fear Screenings and Determinations

The acting director of USCIS sent a message to asylum officers instructing them to elicit testimony for credible fear screenings to determine whether asylum seekers who provide evidence of private violence attempted to internally relocate in their home countries prior to traveling to the United States.

USCIS Provides Guidance Related to Northern Mariana Islands Long-Term Legal Residents Relief Act

USCIS announced it will automatically extend parole, and employment authorization if applicable, for certain residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). This specific extension of parole as authorized by law will provide relief while USCIS establishes procedures for obtaining the new CNMI Resident status, which was created by the Northern Mariana Islands Long-Term Legal Residents Relief Act (Public Law 116-24).

USCIS Updates Rejection Criteria for Form I‑129

USCIS announced that it will begin rejecting petitions where Form I‑129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, does not include the petitioner’s or applicant’s name and primary U.S. office address in Part 1 of the form.

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