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TPS Grant Does Not Terminate Removal Proceedings

The BIA reinstated proceedings, finding that respondent was protected from execution of a removal order during the time her Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was valid, but she remained removable based on the charge of inadmissibility in the NTA. Matter of Sosa Ventura 25 I&N Dec. 391 (BIA 2010).

USCIS San Diego Chapter Liaison Minutes

San Diego Chapter USCIS Liaison Minutes from 11/16/10. The minutes address adjudication of I-130 petitions for beneficiaries in removal proceedings; advance notice to applicants for lengthy interviews; reminder about CIS fee increase; and stakeholder meeting on December 7.

Relief under 212(c)

Relief under 212(c) in Removal or Deportation Hearings – Avvo.com http://ping.fm/KDgnt

Forms of Relief in a Removal Hearing

The Forms of Relief in a Removal Hearing – Avvo.com http://ping.fm/p2mRC

What is Removal?

What is Removal? – Avvo.com http://ping.fm/8Cdy5

US-Cuba Migration Accords Implementation

The U.S. and Cuba met in the third meeting on US-Cuba Migration Accords implementation. The agenda reflected U.S. priorities on Cuba migration issues including gaining Cuban Government acceptance for repatriation of Cuban nationals subject to removal on criminal grounds.

BIA finding that the antique firearm exception is an affirmative defense in removal proceedings

BIA vacated and remanded, finding that in removal proceedings, the antique firearm exception is an affirmative defense that must be sufficiently raised by an alien charged under INA § 237(a)(2)(C).

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