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Another Win for our Immigration Law Office

After a long fight, application for adjustment of status and fraud waiver granted.  Filipino Client had previously applied for adjustment with a fraud waiver with another attorney’s office in Los Angeles but his fraud waiver was denied.  Our office was able to refile with additional evidence of hardship and his case was approved in a little over 2 years.  He can now remain in the United States with his U.S. citizen wife and mother.

Another win for our Law Office. AOS granted in proceedings

AOS for FN placed in removal proceedings –
Application for adjustment of status granted for Client that was placed in removal proceedings because of a DUI.  Client can now stay in the United States with her husband and young son.

Another Win for our Law Office

Naturalization and expungement granted for crime  for Client who can now travel to Canada without any problems.

Another win for our Law Office regarding appealing and Petition for Review

Green card application granted for client who is married to a US citizen but had a deportation order from 1995.  Client had two motions to reopen denied by the Immigration Court and his appeal was denied by the BIA.  However, once at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, the Department of Homeland Security agreed remand and terminate his case so that he could apply for adjustment of status with USCIS.  20 years later, he is now a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

Another win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Naturalization granted after application had been pending for well over a year for Client who had repeated false claims to U.S. citizenship, including voting in federal and state elections. Client did not fall under the USC false claim exceptions but his application was granted on discretionary grounds.

Another win for the Law Office of Brian D. Lerner

Removal proceedings terminated by Immigration Judge. Client is an LPR and has 3 convictions; 2 battery convictions and 1 assault conviction. DHS charged him with removability as an alien convicted of 2 crimes involving moral turpitude and an alien convicted of a crime of domestic violence. We were able to bond client out and then get proceedings terminated because DHS could not establish removability by clear and convincing evidence; battery is not categorically a CIMT or a COV. While the new 9th Circuit case overruling Silva-Trevino helped, proceedings would have terminated regardless because DHS tried to bypass the second step in Silva-Trevino and did not submit the required docs.

Another win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

AOS granted for Client with over 10 convictions.

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