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l: Court Finds BIA Erred in Barring Cancellation and Asylum Applications of Petitioner Convicted Under NY Penal Law §220.31

The Second Circuit granted in part the petition for review, holding that the BIA should have applied the categorical approach to determine whether the petitioner’s N.Y. Penal Law §220.31 conviction was an aggravated felony under the INA, because §220.31 defines a single crime and is therefore an indivisible statute. Applying the categorical approach, the court concluded that the petitioner’s conviction under N.Y. Penal Law §220.31 did not constitute a drug-trafficking aggravated felony and thus did not bar the petitioner from seeking cancellation of removal and asylum.

Court Says BIA Erred in Looking Outside the Record to Rule on Consequences of Conviction

The Ninth Circuit held that the BIA erred in looking outside the record of the conviction to conclude that the petitioner was convicted of spousal abuse under California Penal Code §273.5(a) and remanded for the BIA to consider whether the petitioner is eligible for the petty offense exception under INA §212(a)(2)(A)(ii).

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