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L.A. Police See Drop in Latino Reports of Crime amid Deportation Fears

Reuters reports that Latinos in Los Angeles have lodged 41 fewer reports of rape—down 25 percent—and 118 fewer domestic violence complaints—a 10 percent drop—since January 2017, compared with the same period in 2016, Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Tuesday. Those declines, coinciding with President Trump’s vow to step up deportations of undocumented immigrants, were not seen in the crime reporting of other ethnic groups. The trend suggests a growing mistrust of the criminal justice system among Latinos as the Trump administration has pressed state and local law enforcement to assist U.S. immigration agents, the Los Angeles Police Department stated

Plead Guilty, but not informed of deportation risks?

The Seventh Circuit reversed the district court’s denial of the petitioner’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea, holding that the petitioner—who was recently removed to Italy following a federal drug conviction—could choose to withdraw his guilty plea and instead seek a trial by jury, because his counsel had failed to warn him that a plea of guilty would carry the threat of deportation.

Are you detained if in ICE detention for criminal purposes?

The Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that if ICE detains an immigrant pending potential criminal prosecution, then that detention constitutes “official detention” within the meaning of 18 USC §3585(b), and the immigrant is accordingly entitled to credit toward his or her criminal sentence. The court also held that an immigrant is entitled to credit for all time spent in ICE detention subsequent to his or her indictment or the filing of formal criminal charges against him or her.

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