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Federal Inspectors Find Nooses, ‘Serious Violations’ at ICE Facility in California

USA Today reports on an unannounced inspection of the Adelanto ICE Processing Center, operated by the GEO Group. In its report, the DHS Office of the Inspector General identified serious violations, including improper use of disciplinary segregation, guards ignoring the presence of more than a dozen nooses fashioned out of bedsheets, and inadequate medical care.

Are you detained if in ICE detention for criminal purposes?

The Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that if ICE detains an immigrant pending potential criminal prosecution, then that detention constitutes “official detention” within the meaning of 18 USC §3585(b), and the immigrant is accordingly entitled to credit toward his or her criminal sentence. The court also held that an immigrant is entitled to credit for all time spent in ICE detention subsequent to his or her indictment or the filing of formal criminal charges against him or her.

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