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The ACLU is filing a FOIA request to stop ICE records from being deleted.

n December, an ICE request to delete records was granted. The request to delete records, which was filed in 2015 under the Obama administration, would include documents relating to detainee deaths, sexual assaults, and abuse allegations while in ICE custody. On Tuesday, the ACLU filed a FOIA request to get access to the documents before they are deleted. The ACLU has argued that these documents should be protected in order to keep ICE accountable in the future

A Mexican man has become the 7th person to die in ICE custody since October.

On February 20, a Mexican man detained in Ohio died in ICE custody. His preliminary cause of death has been called suicide by self-inflicted strangulation, though this is being investigated. This is the 7th death in ICE custody for the current fiscal year.

Immigration officials are going to court to get Denver records on arrested immigrants.

After Denver refused to turn over name, address, and arrest information on 3 immigrants accused of crimes, federal immigration officials have taken the matter to court. Immigration officials have asked a federal judge to enforce their subpoenas, and Denver said they will not comply unless a judge deems the subpoenas appropriate. Two of the men accused of crimes have been released, while one is still being held.

CBP will use elite tactical agents in sanctuary cities.

The Trump administration is sending tactical units of border patrol officers to sanctuary cities. These units are normally used to detect smuggling at the border. Specifically, officers are being sent to Chicago and New York, with agents expected in other cities as well. According to an internal CBP email, the tactical agents will be deployed from February through May.

A federal judge ruled that ICE violated FOIA.

 In December, a federal judge ruled that ICE violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) when it denied immigration lawyers access to their client’s files. ICE’s reasoning was that the clients in ICE custody were “fugitives,” but that is not one of the stated exceptions under FOIA. ICE used this justification for denying FOIA requests at least 333 times between July 21, 2017 and April 4, 2019. As of this week, the government has about a month remaining to appeal the decision.

ICE searched Hispanic grocery stores in the Atlanta area.

ICE agents executed search warrants at multiple branches of Super Mercado Jalisco, a Hispanic grocery chain. The investigation was IRS-led, and during the search ICE agents arrested 3 people suspected of being in the country illegally. The two families who run the Super Mercado Jalisco Atlanta stores also run various other businesses in the Atlanta area.

ICE used a military vehicle in New York, concerning locals.

The Special Response Team, a division of ICE, startled residents in Queens when it drove through the streets in an armored military vehicle called a BearCat. The vehicle was not being used for an immigration operation at this time. The Special Response Team was investigating a firearms suspect. Still, some fear that this was a show of force, and are concerned with an immigration organization possessing this type of military vehicles.

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