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New York Times Magazine: How ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age

Surveillance Age
The New York Times Magazine reports on ICE’s quiet embrace of big data, profiling the agency’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants in a Pacific Northwest community. Analysis of government-procurement records, interviews, and documents obtained via public-records requests reveals new evidence of surveillance of detainees’ voice and video calls at ICE facilities and extensive proof that the agency relies on state DMV databases and information products like Thomson Reuters’s CLEAR, short for Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting, to target immigrants.

Is ICE Trying to Deport This U.S. Citizen? Francisco Galicia Remains in Limbo Two Months After Release

The Dallas Morning News reports that a U.S. citizen high school student who was in custody for 23 days after being detained at a Border Patrol checkpoint was recently informed by ICE that his case has been filed in immigration court.

Massive Raid Adds to Migrant Fears, Endangers Due Process

DHS conducted what is reportedly the largest single-state worksite enforcement raid in U.S. history. According to the Clarion Ledger, local Mississippi schools were on standby to help children whose parents were among the 680 individuals arrested.

District Court Orders Timely Bond Hearings for Detained Asylum Seekers

In Padilla v. ICE, the court issued a preliminary injunction requiring the government to provide certain detained asylum seekers with a bond hearing within seven days of a bond hearing request and to release those individuals whose detention time exceeds that limit.

CE Wrongly Flagged an American Citizen to Be Deported, so a Florida Sheriff’s Department Detained Him for Weeks. Now He’s Suing.

Insider reports on Peter Brown, a U.S. citizen born in Philadelphia, who was held by Florida’s Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on an ICE detainer and told he would soon be transferred to a prison in Jamaica, a country he had only visited once on a cruise

ICE Releases Information on Detainees Who Have Died in Custody

In compliance with congressional requirements described in the FY2018 DHS Appropriations Bill, ICE has provided reports regarding in-custody detainee deaths beginning in FY2018. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, the ACLU, the National Immigrant Justice Center, and Detention Watch Network, “More people died in immigration detention in fiscal year 2017 than any year since 2009” and immigration detainee deaths are “linked to dangerously inadequate medical care.”

There Are Now More Than 14,000 Immigrant Kids in Federal Custody—a New Record

The number of immigrant children in federal custody has reached an all-time high. As the length of time these children remain in government facilities grows longer, the number of children in custody will likely continue to rise.

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