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A border activist was acquitted of harboring undocumented immigrants in Arizona.

Two Central American men were staying at a camp run by a humanitarian group in Arizona. This lead to the arrest of Scott Warren, the activist running the camp, for allegedly illegally harboring immigrants. After a long battle in court, including a mistrial last year, he was acquitted on Wednesday. The prosecutor argued that Warren was helping the men hide from authorities, while Warren argued that his humanitarian work aims to keep people from dying in the desert, and he was “orienting” the men before they went on their way. In the end, the jury came out in Warren’s favor. After the verdict, the U.S. attorney said that the government would continue to prosecute those who harbor immigrants, whether for money or “a misguided sense of social justice.”

When border patrol officers were tasked with conducting initial asylum interviews, approval rate dropped.

The first step to an asylum application is a credible fear interview, where an asylum seeker has to show they have a credible fear of returning to their home country, which was designed to be a low threshold that many could meet. When border patrol officers began conducting some of these interviews in June, the approval rate dropped sharply. The approval rate for border patrol was 47% compared to the roughly 80% for asylum officers. The move to use border patrol officers for this purpose has been criticized, with asylum officers agreeing that border patrol were trained with an enforcement mindset that is unsuitable for humanitarian work, and it is unfair to both the border patrol and the asylum seekers.

Shuffling Kids Between Border Facilities Won’t Solve the Immigration Crisis

Public and political outrage over the horrific conditions in which children were being held at a Clint, TX, Border Patrol facility prompted immigration officials to remove about 250 children from the facility, 100 of the children were then abruptly sent back. Clara Long of Human Rights Watch said, “CBP custody is inappropriate and abusive for children,” and that children shouldn’t be kept at any of the more than 70 facilities along the border.

Due Process decreased

The new policies “systematically deprive people coming to the United States of due process and the opportunity to apply for legal relief to which they may be entitled under law.”

Guard Faces Tricky Dance in California Border Mission

The Associated Press reports that governors in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas have committed around 2,400 National Guard troops to the southern U.S. border. California Governor Jerry Brown has stated that his National Guard will help go after “drugs and thugs along the Mexican border, but not immigrants,” but experts are skeptical that he will be able to enforce his vision.

Lawsuit Filed by Passengers Made to Present ID to CBP to Exit Plane

Several passengers who were aboard a domestic flight from San Francisco to New York in February 2017 where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) made all passengers present identification before exiting the plane have filed a lawsuit challenging the government’s action as an illegal search and seizure. According to the plaintiffs, “Two uniformed CBP officers positioned themselves at the doorway of the airplane, forcing passengers to queue inside and delaying their exit as the CBP officers stopped each passenger, took their identification documents, examined them, and only then permitted them to pass.” Again – Trump trying to take constitutional rights away.

If you are waved through, are you admitted to the U.S.?

The Fifth Circuit granted the petition for review, holding that a wave-through at a port of entry is an “admission in any status” under 8 USC §1229b(a)(2), and that the petitioner, a lawful permanent resident, was thus eligible for cancellation of removal.

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