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The U.S. has signaled that it will resist releasing immigrant families from detainment.

Recently, a federal judge ordered ICE to release children from detention in certain detention centers. Last week, the federal government announced its position that it is not required to release entire families automatically. Immigrant advocates warn that this will lead to more family separations. Similarly, lawyers for the detained families have expressed concern that this will either push parents to release their children without them or lead to families staying in detention.

New York Times: Whistle-Blowers Say Detaining Migrant Families ‘Poses High Risk of Harm’

The New York Times reports that as the Trump administration moves to expand family detention, two of the government’s own medical consultants sent a letter to the Senate’s Whistleblower Protection Caucus detailing a series of 10 investigations over the past four years that “frequently revealed serious compliance issues resulting in harm to children.”

Family Detention Case

The Ninth Circuit held that the Flores settlement agreement applies to both minors who are accompanied and unaccompanied by their parents, and that the lower court correctly refused to amend the agreement to accommodate family detention. The court also found that the lower court erred in interpreting the agreement to provide an affirmative right to release for accompanying parents, but did not preclude such release, and explicitly made no determination about whether DHS is making otherwise appropriate and individualized release determinations for parents.

Family Detention coming to an end?

One hundred thirty-six members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to DHS calling for an end to family detention, stating, “We believe the only solution to this problem is to end the use of family detention.”

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