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Organizations Request Investigation of Georgia Immigration Detention Centers

On November 21, 2017,  a group of 70 immigrant rights, human rights, and civil rights organizations in sending a letter to the Georgia congressional delegation requesting an investigation of the conditions at the Stewart and Irwin County immigration detention centers in Georgia. The letter raises concerns related to due process issues, inhumane treatment and living conditions, and involuntary labor, and asks Georgia’s senators and members of Congress to investigate the conditions at Stewart and Irwin detention centers and take appropriate measures.

Another suit from Arizona on violating immigrants rights

Civil rights groups, including the American Immigration Council, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Border Patrol in federal district court in Tucson on Monday, alleging that immigrants were unlawfully detained and mistreated for extended periods in freezing, filthy holding cells in Arizona. The complaint states that the immigrants suffered a wide range of abuse and neglect, including being held in overcrowded cells and denied adequate food, water, sleep, and medical care.

Family Detention coming to an end?

One hundred thirty-six members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to DHS calling for an end to family detention, stating, “We believe the only solution to this problem is to end the use of family detention.”

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