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CA6 Finds IJ Has Authority to Determine Frivolousness of a Time-Barred Asylum Application

The court finds that Immigration Judges have the authority to make a frivolousness finding in the context of a time-barred asylum application. The court denies the petition for review. (Ghazali v. Holder, 10/29/09).

Case Terminated

Removal proceedings terminated w/o prejudice. Now, Client can apply for adjustment of status before CIS to obtain Lawful Permanent Residency.

BIA Deference given to particularly serious crime

As Immigration and Nationality Act is silent regarding the basis for determining whether a conviction is for a particularly serious crime, interpretation by Board of Immigration Appeals of what an immigration judge may refer to in deciding whether a prior offense met that standard is entitled to deference. All reliable information may be considered in making a particularly serious crime determination, including an alien’s removal hearing testimony under oath on his own behalf to obtain relief from removal. IJ and BIA appropriately considered nature of alien’s conviction, underlying facts of conviction, and type of sentence imposed when reaching conclusion that alien’s drunken driving conviction constituted a particularly serious crime.
Anaya-Ortiz v. Holder – filed January 25, 2010

What is Final Order Deportation?

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How long is the waiting period after filing I-290?

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Asylum Case

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Criminal Defense

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