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Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Let’s us know how he can help.

Question: Hello Mr. Lerner. Can you let us know as a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney how you help those in need?

Answer: Certainly. As a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney I get an opportunity to help persons from all over the world. Los Angeles attracts persons from Mexico, Canada, Europe, Russia and other countries. Even with the economy not doing so well, a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is in a position to help people and their families.

Question: If someone is in deportation proceedings, how can you help?

Answer: First, as an Immigration Attorney in Los Angeles, I have specialized also as a deportation lawyer. Getting to the end of the process does take a great deal of work and time, but there is no greater satisfaction than when a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer wins the case and gets for example Cancellation of Removal granted and a person who has been here illegal for 10 or 20 years now has lawful permanent residency and the green card and can stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Question: Being a deportation attorney, what types of relief can you apply for in deportation proceedings.

Answer: Whether you are an Immigration Attorney from Los Angeles or an Immigration Attorney from New York or any other State, there are several forms of relief that can be applied for. Relief such as Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents, Cancellation of Removal for Non Permanent Residents. There are also asylum related relief that can be done. These are Political Asylum, Convention Against Torture and Withholding of Removal. As a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney, there are also forms of Adjustment of Status through either a family based immigration petition or an employment based immigration petition. Additionally, there are other forms of relief known as Registry, Battered Spouse Petition, Religious Petitions, Investor Petitions, Extraordinary Alien Petitions and so on.

Therefore, as you can see, just because you are in deportation proceedings does not necessarily mean that you will be deported. As a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney, with years of experience in deportation proceedings, and representing persons being put into deportation proceedings, there are many different ways to win.

Question: What if someone committed a crime and is now in deportation proceedings? Should they not be sent away?

Answer: As a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney, I have seen the heartache that accompanies people who are being torn away from their family and deported because of crimes many years ago. The majority of these people have committed crimes when they were young and foolish. Now, many cases where 10 or 20 years have passed, these people have changed and have families and jobs and are productive citizens. They have done their time in jail and payed their debt to society. Now, it would not be fair to rip them apart from their families if they have properly repaid their debts to society. Therefore, as a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney, I will do everything possible to help them stay in the U.S. and obtain residency.

Question: Any parting comments or anything you would like to say as a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney?

Answer: For those people who need help in deportation proceedings or any other area of immigration law, I will be happy to help. They can call toll-free to my office at 866-495-0554 and/or email me at blerner@californiaimmigration.us.

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