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Committed a crime?

Where the petitioner was charged with removal on the basis of his 2000 clock-stopping crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT), the Third Circuit found that Nelson v. Att’y Gen., notOkeke v. Gonzales, controlled. As such, the court held that the commission of the CIMT permanently prevented the clock from restarting, and that the petitioner could not accrue the requisite period of continuous residency when he re-entered the United States in 2003.

Immigration Judge harassed you?

  1. In a published decision the BIA remanded the record to the immigration court for a new hearing before a different Immigration Judge (IJ), finding that conduct by an IJ that can be perceived as bullying or hostile is never appropriate, particularly in cases involving minor respondents, and may result in remand to a different IJ. The BIA also held that the requirements of the Federal Rules of Evidence with respect to the admission of expert testimony are inapposite to a respondent’s testimony regarding events of which he or she has personal knowledge.

H-1B Cap for FY2011

USCIS announces  that  it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap of 65,000 visas for fiscal year 2011 since the filing window opened on April 1 last year.

Decision on Review of Sua Sponte Reopening

The court held that the Supreme Court decision, Kucana v. Holder, did not change the court’s holding in Ekimian v. INS that there is no sufficiently meaningful standard to allow court review of sua sponte reopening. (Mejia-Hernandez v. Holder, 1/27/11)

New York Penal Law §263.05

The court held that New York Penal Law §263.05, use of a child in a sexual performance, is not divisible, and any conviction under it is categorically an aggravated felony offense involving sexual abuse of a minor offense. (Oouch v. Holder, 1/28/11)

How Petitioner violated Cal. Health & Safety Code §11352(a)?

The court remanded, finding the record inconclusive as to how Petitioner violated Cal. Health & Safety Code §11352(a), and that the BIA erred in concluding he had been convicted of an aggravated felony trafficking offense. (Young v. Holder, 1/28/11)

Denial of Indonesian Asylum Claim

The court found that the harm suffered by Petitioner did not rise to the level of persecution and that her returns to Indonesia, and the presence of family in Indonesia without further violence, undercut her fear of future persecution. (Ritonga v. Holder, 1/28/11)

Court rejected Petitioner’s argument

The court rejected Petitioner’s argument that the 3-page opinion issued by a single BIA member could only have been appropriately rendered by a 3-member panel, and that 8 CFR §1003.1 clearly allows a single member to issue such an opinion. (Ward v. Holder, 1/21/11)

Court Uphold BIA denial of family planning claim

The court found that the harm inflicted on Petitioner, who was punched repeatedly by family planning officials and detained for two days after his wife was taken away for an abortion, did not rise to the level of persecution. (Liu v. Holder, 1/24/11)

Petitioner’s Ignorance of Christian Doctrine

The court reversed the adverse credibility finding as improperly based on the IJ’s perception of Petitioner’s ignorance of Christian doctrine, misstatements that did not go to the heart of the claim, and insufficient evidence of evasiveness. (Li v. Holder, 1/19/11)

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