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New York Penal Law §263.05

The court held that New York Penal Law §263.05, use of a child in a sexual performance, is not divisible, and any conviction under it is categorically an aggravated felony offense involving sexual abuse of a minor offense. (Oouch v. Holder, 1/28/11)

The REAL ID Act did not overrule Sandoval-Lua

The REAL ID Act did not overrule Sandoval-Lua, which held that the alien’s burden of proving eligibility for cancellation is met where the record of conviction is inconclusive as to whether the crime is an aggravated felony. (Rosas-Castaneda v. Holder, 1/4/11)

Aggravated Felony conviction a deportable offense

The court discussed the circuit split on whether the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which made an aggravated felony conviction a deportable offense, can be applied to pre-ADAA convictions, but denied the petition for failure to exhaust. (Alvarado-Fonseca v. Holder, 1/6/11)

Under NY Penal Law § 221.40 drug conviction do not qualify as Aggravated Felonies

The court held that the petitioner’s open guilty plea to misdemeanor convictions under NY Penal Law § 221.40 did not establish that he was convicted of drug trafficking crimes that qualified as an aggravated felonies. (Thomas v. U.S. Att’y Gen., 10/26/10)

Distribution of “Chemicals” is an aggravated felony drug trafficking crime

The court held that a conviction for distributing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine with reasonable cause to believe they would be used to manufacture methamphetamine under 21 USC §841(c)(2) is an aggravated felony drug trafficking crime. (Daas v. Holder, 8/24/10)

Aggravated Felony of “sexual abuse of a minor”

The court held that a conviction under N.J. State Ann. §2C:14-3(a) constituted the aggravated felony of “sexual abuse of a minor” under INA §101(a)(43) and that removal proceedings are not time-barred. (Restrepo v. Atty’ General of the U.S., 8/16/10)

Aggravated Felonies in Deportation or Removal Hearings

Aggravated Felonies in Deportation or Removal Hearings – Avvo.com http://ping.fm/Yp0g1

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