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Another win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Proceedings terminated based on governor’s pardon despite DHS opposition.  Client was an LPR and order removed based on a theft offense and then granted withholding of removal.  We prepared pardon which was approved and moved to reopen based on Client’s marriage to a USC.  Once reopened, we moved to terminate as the sole ground of removability no longer existed.  Judge agreed, terminated case and reinstated Client’s LPR status.

2 Responses

  1. He is not being punished twice. He received his criminal sentence, and now he is under immigration law.

    Removal/Deportation Representation
    It is critically important that you get qualified and expert representation for the deportation/removal hearings. The Government will try to get the deportation issued. Neither the Immigration Judge, nor the Trial Attorney are there to help you. There are different forms of relief available which could result the granting of Lawful Permanent Residence. However, this requires large applications to be prepared and the necessity to prepare for trial. My firm has done this for several years, and if done properly, there is a very reasonable chance that it will be successful. If not done properly, the deportation order will be issued and your current way of living in the United States will end and you will either be on the run or be forcibly removed from the United States. 
    Attorney Fees (Filing Fees and Costs not included)
    The total Attorney Fees will be $6,500.00.
    Down Payment
Normally we take 50% down and then the balance can be paid monthly until paid in full. We accept all forms of payment included debit and credit cards, Western Union and Money Gram.

    If you pay by Western Union, simply put the name Brian D. Lerner and the address 3233 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California 90803. Then you would notify me of the 10 digit control number, date of deposit and how much you deposited.

    You can call my office at 562-495-0554 and make the down payment through check or credit card which we will put through our secure servers and you will get electronic verification.

    You can also go on the secure website at the following website address:


    Please let me know if you are interested in proceeding and we can start on your case immediately.

Should you have further questions, you can e-mail me back or call my office at 562-495-0554.


  2. Can anything be done in a case where there was a Felony drug conviction about 6 yrs ago by a legal resident alien. Person served his time & released of probation grant. No other crimes since. He was detained when coming back into USA from visiting family because of past record & even though he has an attorney he will be deported in 3 weeks. It seems that he is being punished for the same crime twice which doesn’t seem right. What is your advice? I look forward to your response.


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