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Court Says Persons Who Publicly Provide Assistance Against Major Salvadoran Gangs Are a Particular Social Group

The Third Circuit held that people who publicly provide assistance against major Salvadoran gangs constitute a particular social group (PSG) and that the BIA erred in applying Myrie v. Attorney General when it denied the petitioner CAT relief.

Court Rules that M‑E‑V‑G‑’s “Particular Social Group” Test Is Entitled to Chevron Deference

The Third Circuit denied the petition for review and accepted the immigration judge and BIA’s determination that “immediate family members of Honduran women unable to leave a domestic relationship” is not a legally cognizable particular social group.

Court Rejects Gang Murder Witness’ Purported Social Group

Denying the petition to review the BIA’s reversal of the immigration judge’s grant of withholding of removal, the Eighth Circuit upheld the BIA’s finding that “former taxi drivers from Quezaltepeque who have witnessed a gang murder” was not socially distinct and thus could not qualify as a “particular social group.”

Court Finds BIA Erred in Requiring Asylum Petitioner to Prove Past Persecution and in Recharacterizing Her Social Group

The Fifth Circuit held that the BIA erred both in requiring the asylum petitioner to prove past persecution to establish a claim based on a well-founded fear of future persecution and in recharacterizing the petitioner’s claimed social group.

Women victims of domestic violence can come to the U.S. and apply for asylum

Matter of A-R-C-G- is a great BIA case that shows that women who are victims of domestic violence outside the U.S. have a chance to escape their persecution by coming to the U.S. and applying for asylum based on persecution of a particular social group.

CA7 on Particular Social Group in Albanian Asylum Case

The court found that the social group of “young Albanian women in danger of being trafficked for prostitution” lacked the common, immutable characteristic required of a particular social group.

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