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Another Win for our office for Same Sex couple

Officer seemed to have it in for the same sex couple and denied the petition. We appealed to AAO and it was reversed granting client Lawful Permanent Residency

AAO Sustains Appeal of TSC “Extraordinary Ability” Denial for Judo Coach

In a non precedent decision, the AAO held that the petitioner, a judo athlete transitioning his career from competing to coaching, met the burden of proof necessary to establish his eligibility as an individual “of extraordinary ability” in athletics pursuant to INA §203(b)(1)(A).

AAO Grants Motion to Reopen for TPS Applicant Where Notary Falsely Claimed to Be an Attorney

In a nonprecedent decision, the AAO granted the motion to reopen and remanded, finding that the applicant met all of the Lozada requirements, and satisfied his burden of showing that his delay in filing for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was due to the ineffective assistance of an individual impersonating an attorney.

AAO Sustains appeal of Form I-212

In a nonprecedent decision, the AAO sustained an appeal of a Form I-212, finding that although the applicant was removed in 2012 for being an intending immigrant, there is no indication she misrepresented her intentions or willfully violated the terms of a prior admission in 2011 as a B-2 visitor.

AAO Finds CSC Overlooked Evidence

The AAO sustained the appeal of an L-1A petition, finding that the beneficiary will be employed in a managerial capacity in his role as senior technical manager in transceiver engineering and that the beneficiary will assume the same position in the U.S. that he currently holds abroad. Courtesy of Clark Trevor.

AAO Grants 212(i) Waiver to Brazilian Spouse of USC

In an unpublished 2/6/12 decision, the AAO granted a 212(i) waiver. The AAO found that the applicant’s U.S. citizen spouse would face emotional, psychological, and financial hardships upon separation from the applicant.

AAO Processing Times 1/1/12

AAO Processing Times as of January 1, 2012.

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