Question: Attorney Lerner, I understand that you are a deportation attorney. Can you describe what qualifications you have to represent clients in deportation proceedings?

Answer: Regarding Immigration Law, in 2000, I passed a rigorous examination and extensive experience requirements by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. My firm handles all types of deportation cases from all over the United States. It is critical that you get an expert attorney to represent you for the deportation and removal cases, not just somebody who happens to be local. At the deportation or removal hearing, depending on the case, as a deportation lawyer, I can apply for many forms of relief to try to win the deportation case against the client. Some of these forms of relieve include political asylum, withholding of removal, and convention against torture, registry, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, termination for deferred action, prosecutorial discretion, administrative closure among others.

Question: So what does a deportation attorney do at the actual hearings?

Answer: At the deportation hearing, a deportation attorney will be able to perform and guide the client through the entire through the process, the master calendar hearing, the contested hearings, and the individual hearings. Keep in mind that the master hearing is very important as it determines in many instances the direction of the case and should not be taken lightly. The contested hearings are very important as well as they will determine whether or not the charges against you will be sustained and whether the charge of removability will be issued. Finally, the individual hearing is critically important as this is the trial on the particular matter. There will be witnesses, testimony, evidence and other matters which will comprise of the entire trial. After the trial, the Immigration Judge will make a decision upon which you will either win or have to appeal. In any case, it is crucially important to have a qualified deportation attorney who is an expert and has years of experience as a deportation lawyer.

Question: How many years of experience as a deportation lawyer do you have?

Answer: As a deportation attorney, I have nearly 20 years of experience. With each case, I am better able to handle and help the client who is either in detention or fighting the case while not being detained.

Question: How can you take deportation cases all over the United States?

Answer: Because Immigration Law is Federal Law, an experienced deportation lawyer who is admitted as an attorney, can practice anywhere in the United States. As for deportation hearings in other States, I travel all over the United States to help clients. Many times, other than the Individual Hearings, the Immigration Judge will allow telephonic hearings. Since deportation and removal cases are very complicated, the client absolutely does wants an immigration attorney who is an expert deportation lawyer. There is too much at stake to hire somebody because they are local or simply charging a lot less money.


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Looking for a deportation lawyer?