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Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer

Question: Hello Attorney Lerner. I understand that you have an office in San Bernardino County and are one of the few Inland Empire Immigration Lawyers. What city is your office located?

Answer: My office in the Inland Empire is located in Upland, California. The direct number is (909) 632-1249. I have been an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer for years. In fact, I have been practicing Immigration Law for nearly 20 years. That is two decades of helping people with immigration problems.

Question: As an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer, what types of immigration problems do you assist for clients in the Inland Empire?

Answer: I help with all types of immigration problems, ranging from representation in Immigration Court for Removal Proceedings, to preparing and submitting Adjustment of Status, Waivers, Pardons, Appeals, Work Permits, Naturalization and Citizenship Applications, Consulate Processing, Criminal Relief and many other types of help for persons in this county (as well as all over California.)

I have offices also in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Therefore, should any client need to have a consultation with me, they can go to any of my offices.

Question: What makes you qualified as an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer?

Answer: Regarding Immigration Law, in 2000, I passed a rigorous examination and extensive experience requirements by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. This takes years of experience to even attempt to take the test. Many of the people who need my help in the Inland Empire, have interviews for adjustment of status or naturalization or have been called for supervised release interviews. I can help with all of these matters as an Inland Empire Immigration Attorney.

Question: Why should people of the inland empire and San Bernardino County use you as their Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer?

Answer: Immigration Law is changing all the time. This area of law is very complicated and there is absolutely no way to become an expert in this area of law unless you have years of experience and do this area of law as the primary practice of law. There are so many places in Immigration Law that a box not checked or a procedure not properly done can completely ruin an immigration case, that you do not want to leave such an important matter to anyone else than an expert Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer.

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