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Court Affirms Reinstatement of Prior Removal Order After Illegal Reentry

The Seventh Circuit denied the petition for review, rejecting the argument that, because reentry by the previously removed petitioner was “procedurally irregular,” he was entitled to a full hearing before an immigration judge rather than being subject to reinstatement of his prior removal order.

Court Holds Individuals Subject to Reinstatement of Removal May Not Apply for Asylum, Even If Changed Circumstances Exist

The Fourth Circuit denied the petition for review, holding that an individual subject to a reinstated order of removal may not apply for asylum, even when the factual basis for the asylum claim did not exist prior to the original removal.1:22 AM

Hearing Officer Recommends Reinstatement of Consular Reports of Birth Abroad

In a challenge to a DOS cancellation of CRBAs, Officer recommended on 7/1/2011 that CRBAs be restored, where one USC parent spent at least 10 days in the U.S. with a place of abode even though she never intended to be domiciled in the U.S.

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