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The mayor of Chicago has signed an order ensuring that all immigrants and refugees will have access to COVID-19 relief.

Chicago is providing COVID-19 relief in the form of housing assistance, online educational resources, and a small business fund. On April 7, Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an executive order establishing that all Chicago residents, regardless of immigration status, will have equal access to relief.

Trump Plan Fails to Cut Immigration Court Backlog, as Caseload Soars More than 26 Percent

The Los Angeles Times reports that the administration’s controversial plan to shrink the ballooning backlog of immigration cases by pushing judges to hear more cases has failed

Fox News: Trump’s Crackdown on Legal Immigration is Hurting America

Fox News features an opinion piece about the Trump administration’s “concerted and continued attack on people legallyimmigrating to the United States” and how it leaves “the U.S. in danger of becoming weaker and poorer.”
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