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Associated Press: ICE Conducts Sweep of 100 7-Eleven Stores, Targeting Employers in Immigration Probe

The Associated Press (AP) reports on an ICE operation early this morning that initiated investigations into the hiring and employment practices of approximately 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide. A top USCIS official told the AP that the operation was “the first of many” and “a harbinger of what’s to come” for employers

TRUMP revoking many PD Cases

The AssociatedPress reports that immigrants who received deportation orders but were allowed to stay in the United States under the Obama administration have become a target under President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies, with some getting arrested during check-ins with immigration officers. In other instances, immigrants with deportation orders have been released, much like they were during President Barack Obama’s administration, in what immigration attorneys say appears to be a random series of decisions based more on detention space than public safety.

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