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If you can invest in your own business, and you come from a country that has a treaty with the U.S., you can hire an E-2 Visa Attorney to apply for the E-2 Visa. However, sometimes somebody who wants to hire an E-2 Visa Attorney, forgets to tell that E-2 Visa Attorney that he or she had prior deportation or removal issues as indicated by Brian Lerner. Whereas in other parts of the U.S., a typical removal proceeding might last only a few months, it will likely last 1-2 years in Los Angeles even if the E-2 Visa Attorney has prepared and submitted the E-2 Visa Petition.  Therefore, when you go for your consultation, make sure that the E-2 Visa Attorney also has experience with deportation and removal procedures. Otherwise, you might get a very qualified E-2 Visa Attorney, but he or she has very little experience in the Immigration Court. There are numerous situations where you could end up in Immigration Court states the E-2 Visa Attorney. Select the correct E-2 Visa Attorney from the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles to represent you. The attorney-client fee agreement should specify what exactly will be done and what the representation will cover. In fact, if an appeal is taken to the Board of the Immigration Appeals, and a Petition for Review needs to be done in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the E-2 Visa Attorney might have to refer you to another E-2 Visa Attorney who takes appeals and petitions for review.

As you can see, an E-2 Visa Attorney  in Los Angeles have a great many items they must know in order to help you. Brian D. Lerner shared that sometimes you can hire immigration lawyers in Los Angeles for one matter such as preparing a PERM process, but you must hire other immigration lawyers in Los Angeles to do other matters (such as representing you in an I-9 audit or at an adjustment of status hearing.) Make sure you know the difference between ‘notarios’ and immigration lawyers in Los Angeles and and E-2 Visa Attorney. Notarios in the U.S. are generally those who pretend to be immigration lawyers in Los Angeles and are not the real thing. They are not an attorney; they are not licensed; their offices disappear and all they want is to use your insecurity and fear to get you to pay money. Make sure the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles that you visit are licensed by the California State Bar (or another State Bar). If they say they are a notario, you might want to run the other direction (straight to the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.)


Either way, getting the best E-2 Visa Attorney in Los Angeles is not easy and it is not always the same person explained Brian Lerner. What might be the best immigration attorney for one person, might not be the best for another person. It all depends on the situation, immigration history, desires and wishes of the client and other factors.  So, do your homework, research the attorney and be sure you get one of the most experienced and best to represent your new business as an E-2 Visa Attorney





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Can you invest in your own business for a visa?