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Are you a Filipino Veteran of Word War II?

DHS issued a notice that it is creating a parole program to allow certain family members of Filipino and Filipino-American World War II veterans to receive parole to come to the United States. Announced as part of the November 2014 executive actions on immigration, this program may enable eligible family members to provide support, care, and companionship to their aging veteran family members who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. USCIS advised that it will inform the public once the application process is in place.

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  2. this was also my question to Mr Eric Lachica – Director of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, regarding USAFFE’ s Childrens who’s veteran father already died for waiting this benefits , now my question is, what about us, the family members who are still here in the Philippines, are aiming and hoping to grant this same privileged given to those who are now US Citizen???? can we start filing our application form to become automatically a US Citizen too???? please I need your answer sir….


  3. It was mentioned in the article that “eligible family members to provide support, care, and companionship to their aging veteran family members who are U.S.” My question is ? How about those Veterans like my Father who died already, That means their Sons & Daughters cannot apply with this provision of the law?


  4. How about family members of a veteran who already passed away but had his wife lived with him in Us and the wife petitioned their children? After some years visa came granting the children to go to Us however the mother died while having her vacation in the philippines so the adult xhildren was not able to use the visa. What will happen to the visa of this children of a veteran?


  5. My uncle was a World War II veteran
    Still alive and aging. Can he be qualified of any benefit. He can no longer travel from the province to Manila much to the USA.


  6. Agreed to you Ms Lilli – am also a daughter of WWll USAFFE veterans …so please expedite the passage of the Honda/Hirono Bill…and I would like also to claim the “stimulus act” for the Filipino veterans compensation law passed on 2009 – as one time benefits…


  7. I appreciate that some definite steps have been taken to put in place this parole system for the families of Filipino Veterans. We sons & daughters of the WWII USAFFE veterans who have died are begging the authorities concerned both in the U.S. Congress & Senate to please expidite the passage of the Honda/Hirono Bill (Family Reunification bill) because not only have the Veterans been dying fast— -even their aging children are dying too Wht good is this Bill if it’s taking too long to implement.


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