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U Visas hit for the Year it’s maximum h

U Visas hit for the Year it’s maximum http://ow.ly/rPiEX

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  1. In order to receive a detailed consultation, you will need to book the appointment at the following website:


    There are several different types of other consultations you can receive. Once you book the appointment, you will soon be receiving a detailed and expert analysis of your situation and what I can do to help you. Should you decide to retain my firm, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the attorney fees.

    I am looking forward to helping you in the future and giving you the detailed consultation.


    Brian D. Lerner
    Attorney at Law
    Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law
    Offices in Los Angeles, Long Beach and the Phililippines
    (323) 454-7591


  2. My name is Arceli de Leon Calimlim. I want to get a U Visa. I am deportee since May 02, 2010. Assault cases. 6 assault and 2 convictions. I am married with my US Citizen spouse. We blessed for 1 boy. 45 years old. I once granted a conditional residency from the state of Seattle WA. It’s almost 3 years now . I have a hardship during my marriage time. I am having a hardship of finding a job, place to stay it’s difficult to find financial support . I am receiving little amount from my family. I am like a beggar . I am shy to be like that. I want to go back to US anywhere in US legally. Granting a greencard. My phone is 01163-9168997224. I want to know the total cost ? how near is it to process waiting here in my country ? Is it going to be for sure approved immediately ? I beleive you . Thank you Atty. Brian Lerner. Merry Christmas .


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