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Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer

As a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer who is a certified specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, my firm handles every type of immigration case from deportation cases from all over the United States to visas, interviews, processes, appeals, waivers, DACA, Petitions for Review. It is critical that you get an expert Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer to represent you with your immigration problems.

Specifically, as a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, we do business visas, work permits, Green Cards, non-immigrant visas, deportation, citizenship, appeals and all areas of immigration, H-1B Specialty Occupation, L-1 Intracompany Transferee, E-2 Treaty Investor, O-1 Extraordinary Ability among others. We also do K-1 Fiancee and K-3 Spouse Visas. We represent people in people in deportation and removal hearings, including political asylum, withholding of removal, and convention against torture cases.

While being a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer allows people who are local to Los Angeles to come personally into my office, I have clients from all over the United States and in several countries around the world. As a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, I can give consultations via Skype and Facebook. In fact, I have and do call people all over the world to let them know how they can legally get into the United States or how to get back to the United States. Therefore, don’t let the fact that I am located in the Los Angeles area and that I am a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer deter you from calling or emailing my office to get a free 10 minute consultation.

I have been a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer for nearly 2 decades and have experience on every area of Immigration Law. If you have a difficult case that other Immigration Lawyers do not know what to do I will give a free consultation.

One Response

  1. Hello,

    I am on STEM OPT (F1) till end of May 2014. I have done my Masters in Computer Science from USA (Advanced Degree) and currently living and working in USA on STEM OPT EAD Card which is valid till 23 May 2014. On my Passport I have F1-Visa Stamp till July 2014.

    My Employer right now wants to start Green card application under EB2 Category. So I am wondering do I need to do H1B visa first starting 1st April 2013 and then once it is approved and then let my employer start Green card application or can they start Green card application before H1B since I already have work permit and visa till 23 May 2014.

    So should employer do H1B first is it required or employer can right away do Green card application under EB2 Category. My employer is talking with lots of Immigration lawyers which they use normally for all such work, but I want to get some knowledge on my end as well since I do not want to take a risk. I am ok with not leaving USA untill my Green card comes. Kindly suggest, if someone has some insights on this matter. I would appreciate that. If some lawyer wants to give info on this then I am fine to pay them as well.

    Thanks !!!!!


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