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Another new case: Date of entry into the United States alleged in government’s notice to appear did not bind the court and the parties where the government disputed the date during an evidentiary hearing after notice was given to petitioner that the issue was in dispute, and petitioner never expressly objected on the grounds of judicial admission, instead stipulating to an evidentiary hearing on the issue; immigration judge’s determination that alleged entry date was not credible was supported by substantial evidence where testimony of immigration officers–that petitioner admitted to entering the following year–was consistent, detailed, and corroborated by a contemporaneously prepared affidavit. Immigration judge’s adverse credibility determination and denial of asylum relief were supported by substantial evidence where petitioner was unable to explain material inconsistencies as to when he entered the country and when he received threats that caused him to leave his country. Cortez-Pineda v. Holder – filed July 2, 2010

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