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This article will be a bit of a different article than normal. As you know, I am an Immigration Attorney. I am always helping families reunite and stay in the United States. I know how important it is to be with your family and to enjoy the time you have with them. This is one of the  main reasons I chose Immigration Law. I did not like seeing families being torn apart and living in separate countries from their spouses, children and other loved ones. I needed to do something to help the despair that I saw people experiencing. That is why I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years.

Last week my father-in-law passed away. Since I grew up without a dad, my father-in-law was my father for almost the 20 years I have been married. His passing was quite difficult for me. I have never had someone as close as him pass away and I had an emptiness and sadness in me that I had never experienced before.  The last week has emphasized what I do to help the immigration community was the right path for me to take. It has shown me that helping families through use of Immigration Law is the best path I could have taken.

It has taught me that we need to enjoy the time that we have with those whom we love. The reality is that we never know when our loved ones will pass on. My father-in-law had a headache and went to the hospital. At that time, he had brain hemmorages and 3 days later he passed away. While there is always things we can say we wished we had done, I was happy that I did spend a lot of time with him and played tennis and just sat and talked about many things with my father-in-law. Since his passing, I have come to a new realization about life. We really need to enjoy living itself. For example, the joy of seeing the sun rise, smelling a flower, walking the dog, playing a card game with your child. These joys and simple pleasures should not be taken for granted, but rather, relished and experienced. Never get tired of spending time with your loved ones. You will never say at the end that you wish you worked more. Make the time to do what you want to do with your loved ones while they are still living so that you do not have regrets when they pass away.

Don’t let the small stuff bother you. Don’t get mad because someone is driving too slow, or the bus is 5 minutes late. Don’t let the small stuff in life distract you from what is really important. When there is hardship and suffering, learn to work through it. For example, should you be separated because of a deportation, fight to get your loved one back. They are still here with you and if you fight hard enough, they will eventually be able to come back and be with you.

We all only have a limited time here. Let’s make the best of it and let’s make a positive impact on our families and society. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy your families and do not sweat the small stuff.

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Enjoy Life