If you have a college education and a sponsor in the United States, you may qualify for this visa. American Immigration permits this type of specialty occupation work visas. It can be approved in as fast as two to three months. This visa is usually issued for a period of three years. Should you decide to stay longer, it can be extended for another 3 years. There are a limited number of these visas per year, and therefore, if you have a sponsor, you should get started right away. As a sponsor, you must pay the prevailing wage to the employee. The prevailing wage is the wage that prevails generally and is the normal wage for that type of position. When the H-1B is being prepared, the government will let us know what is the prevailing wage.

If you later decide you want a green card, you can apply for ‘Labor Certification’ while you have your Specialty Occupation Visa. Your spouse and children can come to the U.S. once you are approved. Additionally, your children can go to school without any problem.





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H-1B Specialty Worker Visa