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D.C. District Court Vacates Minimum Service Requirements for Expedited Path to Citizenship for Military Service Members

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia vacated the Minimum Service Requirements in DOD’s N-426 policy, which required noncitizens in the military to meet certain durational and type-of-service requirements before obtaining a Form N-426, Certification of Honorable Service.

BALCA Vacates Denial Notwithstanding Incomplete ETA 9089

BALCA held that although the employer failed to include the alien’s relevant employment history on the ETA 9089, documentation confirming the employment was sent with the audit response and should have been considered by the CO.

Save Deportation by Getting a Crime Pardoned by the Governor

Many times people will serve sentences for years and then be released. However, they are not released to their families. Rather they are released to Immigration for deportation proceedings. However, there are ways of trying to beat the deportation. One such way is to get a full and unconditional pardon from the Governor and then have an immediate family member petition for residency. Otherwise, the person could simply get deported for life like what might happen to a woman granted parole recently after serving 23 years in prison.

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