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Court Grants Asylum to Mexican Man Persecuted After Refusing to Allow Cartel Leader to “Possess” His Wife

The Seventh Circuit granted the petition for review and remanded, finding that the record compelled a finding that the torture and persecution that the petitioner had suffered in the past at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel and feared in the future were and would be because of his membership in the particular social group of his wife’s family, and thus that he had demonstrated statutory eligibility for asylum in the United States.

7th Circuit Rules in favor of asylum applicant for forced sterilization

The Seventh Circuit granted the petition for review, holding that the Immigration Judge (IJ) misunderstood the petitioner’s testimony about the nature of the procedure his wife ultimately received; namely, the implantation into her arm of a contraceptive device. Further, the court found that the IJ erred by concluding, alternatively, that the petitioner could not show past persecution because he resisted only his wife’s forced contraceptive implant, as opposed to a forced abortion or sterilization.

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