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CNN: Migrant Children Are Still Attending Deportation Hearings Amid the Pandemic

CNN reports that despite much of the country being shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DOJ has continued to hold some deportation hearings, including those of unaccompanied minors. Given guidelines on social distancing, many of these hearings are being conducted remotely, with the judge, attorneys, and the child all participating from separate locations.

Justice Department Watchdog Reviewing Decision to Keep Immigration Courts Open During Pandemic

CNN reports that the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General is reviewing the Trump administration’s decision to keep the nation’s immigration courts open while COVID-19 swept through the United States. EOIR came under criticism from immigration judges, attorneys, and ICE prosecutors for proceeding with immigration hearings despite social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders

Immigration policies may delay foreign medical graduates from assisting with the pandemic.

More than 4000 medical graduates are set to begin residency programs in the U.S. this summer. However, under immigration requirements, they may not arrive sooner than one month before their program starts, meaning almost all would not arrive until June. Some immigration attorneys have suggested that they should arrive sooner to assist with the pandemic, and have advocated that the government ease this restriction.

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