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2021 visa lottery results have been posted.

On June 10, a federal judge in New York ruled that the practice of making immigration arrests in and around state courthouses was illegal. The lawsuit against ICE was brought by the New York attorney general, who argued that ICE’s actions “chilled participation” in courts and disrupted hearings, as ICE would arrest people coming in for scheduled hearings. This is the second federal judge to rule against the policy; last year, a judge in Massachusetts issued a preliminary injunction stopping ICE from conducting arrests in or at the entry of Massachusetts courthouses..

New York has made it a felony to share DMV data with immigration enforcement agencies

 New York’s Green Light Law allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses. It also bars law enforcement from sharing driver data with ICE or DHS. In April, New York made a change to that law, making the violation of that law a felony. This could have a large impact on ICE, which relies heavily on collaboration from state and local law enforcement.

USCIS Announces New Office Opening in Queens, New York

USCIS press release announcing the opening of a new USCIS office in Queens, New York.

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