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Court Remands to BIA to Apply Correct Standard of Review on Good-Faith Marriage Question

The Second Circuit found the BIA erred in applying the clear-error standard of review, instead of de novo, to the immigration judge’s denial of the petitioner’s application for a good-faith marriage waiver. The court also held the petitioner abandoned his abuse of discretion claim on the Motion to Reopen denial because he failed to adequately argue it in his brief.

Court Says Determining Whether Petitioner’s Evidence Meets Good Faith Marriage Standard Is Subject to De Novo Review

The Fourth Circuit granted the petition for review and remanded, holding that while the BIA properly reviewed the IJ’s credibility determination and findings of fact for clear error only, it should have reviewed de novo the IJ’s ultimate legal judgment that the undisputed facts and credited evidence did not meet the good faith marriage standard of INA §216(c)(4)(B).

Married for Love? How to prove it.

The Seventh Circuit granted the petition for review and remanded, holding that the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) erred when it demanded that the petitioner provide more proof than necessary to satisfy a preponderance of the evidence standard for a discretionary good faith marriage waiver, available to petitioners who can show they entered a failed marriage in good faith, where the petitioner testified that he had married for love, not immigration benefits, and the government submitted no evidence.

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