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U.S. Consulate Chennai Stops Processing IV Petitions

DOS release announcing that U.S. Consulate Chennai will no longer process immigrant visa (IV) petitions, effective 1/1/12. U.S. Embassy New Delhi and U.S. Consulate Mumbai will be on the only acceptance centers for IVs in India.

Increased U.S. Visa Demand in Brazil and China

DOS deploys temporary employees in an effort to decrease wait times for visa applicants in Brazil. Mission Brazil processed 820,000 visas, and Mission China processed over one million visas in FY2011.

DOS Dedicates New Consular Compound in Mumbai, India

DOS press release announcing the dedication of the new Consulate facility, located in the Bandra-Kurla Complex of Mumbai. The $111 million project generated jobs in the U.S. and India and was completed in October 2011.

DOS Launches Virtual U.S. Embassy Tehran

DOS announcing Virtual Embassy Tehran, which is not a formal diplomatic mission but can work as a bridge between the American and Iranian people in the absence of direct contact.

Visa Reciprocity Changes for Syria and Belarus

Department of State updates to the visa reciprocity tables, including an updated documents section for Syria and new military records information for Belarus.

U.S. Dedicates Consulate Compound in Dubai, U.A.E.

U.S. dedicating the new consulate compound in Dubai, UAE. The new facility creates a secure and sustainable workplace for approximately 280 people. DOS hopes that the Consulate Office Building with multimedia center increases U.S. interaction with the Emirati people.

DOS Announces Update on Visa Issuance Agreement Between the U.S. and Russia

DOS press release announcing that on 11/19/11, the U.S. and Russia continued to work on a visa issuance agreement that would allow tourists and business travelers from both the U.S. and Russia to receive visas with validity periods of 36 months, valid for multiple entries.

DOS Announces Expedited Student Visa Processing

DOS press release announcing that worldwide, the maximum wait for a student visa appointment should be fewer than 15 days.

DOS to Open DV-2013 Registration on 10/4/11

DOS press release announcing that the 2013 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2013) will open at noon (EDT) on Oct. 4, 2011, and will close at noon (EDT) on Nov. 5, 2011. Applicants must submit their entries electronically. Additional information on DV-2013 is provided.

DOS Notifies USCIS of Exhaustion of Employment-Based Visa Numbers for FY2011

A 9/15/11 memorandum from the Department of State Immigrant Visa Control Office notifying USCIS of the exhaustion of all employment-based visa numbers for FY2011.

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