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The Senate has started the process to confirm Chad Wolf’s current DHS position, which would make his acting Secretary nomination legitimate.

Chad Wolf was recently announced as the next pick for the role of acting DHS Secretary. To comply with federal law, he needs to have been in a Senate-confirmed position before he can become acting Secretary. On Thursday, the Senate took the first necessary step for confirmation of his current position, a filing of cloture to end debate. This means that the Senate could confirm him to his current position on Tuesday. Wolf would then be legally able to take over McAleenan’s role as acting Secretary for DHS.

Chad Wolf will be the replacement DHS Secretary.

McAleenan resigned as acting Secretary for DHS, but has stayed while the White House has tried to find a replacement. President Trump told reporters on Friday that he planned to install Chad Wolf as acting Secretary for DHS. The White House later reported that Wolf will take over McAleenan’s role on November 12. Wolf currently serves as undersecretary for policy at DHS, though he was never confirmed by the Senate. Wolf fulfills the legal requirements because because he held a position for more than 90 days under Nielsen, the last Senate-confirmed DHS secretary.

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