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Judge Finds Attorney General’s Gutting of Asylum Protections Unlawful

In a statement to the press about today’s ruling striking down key portions of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision in Matter of A‑B‑ 

Thus, the Courts show that you cannot just arbitrarily and without any reason of law strike down protections against asylum.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision in Matter of L‑A‑B‑R‑

AG again issues a decision to take power away from the Immigration Judges in order to try to expedite deportation and removals

Retired IJs and Former BIA Members Express Disappointment in AG’s Decision in Matter of Castro-Tum

Retired immigration judges (IJs) and former members of the BIA expressed disappointment in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision in Matter of Castro-Tum, which held IJs and the BIA do not have authority to administratively close cases unless they meet very narrow criteria. The National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) sent a letter on January 30, 2018, urging Sessions to affirm the authority of IJs and the BIA to administratively close cases. See AILA’s featured issue page for more information.
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