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The death of a migrant teen in CBP custody has raised more questions

Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez was a 16-year-old asylum seeker who was taken into CBP custody. When he had a 103 degree fever and  the flu, a medical professional said he should be monitored in the next two hours and taken to the hospital if his condition worsened, but instead he was left in his cell. He died and was discovered four hours later by his cellmate. CBP’s news release reports, saying he was found by staff during a welfare check and was checked on throughout the night, contradicts the cellblock video, which shows Carlos collapsing and writhing on the floor for 25 minutes before becoming still and undiscovered for four 4 and a half hours. CBP officials have not explained why the nurse’s recommendation was ignored, but reported that Carlos’s death is being investigated.

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