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Trump issues Executive Order amounting to a Muslim Ban

Trump has issued another executive order basically barring people from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

It is unheard of and many lawsuits have already been filed and injunctions already issued.

Meetings scheduled today with Trump cancelled due to anticipated protests.

Protests occurring all over the U.S. and the World against this ‘Muslim Ban’. The Executive Order even included Lawful Permanent Residents.

DHS stated it is in the ‘national interest’ to allow Green Card holders to ‘re-enter’ the U.S.

Trump FIRES acting attorney-general of the U.S. and vilifies a career prosecutor. 

Trump essentially opens up the door and paints a target on the U.S. by extremists.

His executive actions have and will have the opposite effect than what he supposedly intended.

Trump decides not to include other Muslim countries which he seems to have ‘businesses’ conducting business.

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