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4 Responses

  1. There is no ‘reform’ yet that is law. You should appeal.

    An appeal must be completed or a final decision will be issued and the government can then take action against you. Once that happens, you will no longer have the right to appeal. There is a specific deadline which the appeal must be filed. The sooner you get started, the better the preparation will be on your appeal.  You have a right to appeal the decision, and if done properly, there is a reasonable chance of prevailing. You have to fight in order to have a chance of winning. 


  2. If someone is denied asylum by immigration judge and refused to leave the country.what will he or she do in this immigration reform.how will he benefit in president obama reform?


  3. Asylum
    An asylum application will have to be prepared. This is a package that involves a legal brief, various forms, declarations, government articles and other exhibits. An asylum application is not easy to have granted, and therefore, it is critical that all supporting evidence and arguments be made in order to give the person seeking asylum the best possible chance.  Additionally, our office will find as many supporting government and agency articles on the particular asylum issues to help support the application. If possible, we will also try to locate an expert witness to support the application. 
    Attorney Fees (Filing Fees and Costs not included)
    The total Attorney Fees will be $3,500.00.


  4. i will like you to help me for asylum document.i stay in Nigeria.living at no where and staying in homeless region.please help and advice accordingly.
    osagie ayere


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