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Grounds for Deportation and Deportation Relief in Deportation Hearings

Grounds for Deportation and Deportation Relief in Deportation Hearings.

For a myriad of reasons, people find themselves in deportation or removal or deportation proceedings. In these proceedings, Immigration tries to deport you from the United States. However, some ICE Trial Attorneys might be sympathic and try to work with your immigration attorney to resolve the matter.

There are many ways of winning a deportation or removal case. Many factors depend upon how long you have been here in the United States, your family relationships, or whether you have a past criminal history.  It is crucially important that you get legal representation as soon as possible to avoid adverse consequences of saying something in Immigration Court that will damage the outcome of the case. Unfortnately, there are people with minor crimes who are being deported because they do not have funds to hire an immigration attorney. If they can find or hire a qualified immigration lawyer or find one pro bono, they may have a chance of staying in the U.S.

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