I-601 Approved on Emotional Hardship. There was no medical hardship. Client since entering the United States, the Applicant has never left. Applicant was convicted in 1999 of Violation of section 12500(A) VC(Unlicensed Driver). Sentenced to pay a fine of $82.00 plus a state penalty fund assessment of $153.00; Convicted in 1999 of violation of Section 16018 (A) VC(No proof of car insurance). Sentenced to pay a fine of $500.00. Applicant was also convicted in 2001 of Violation of Section 23152 (B) VC (.08% more weight alcohol Drive Veh). Placed on summary probation for a period of 036 months, served 48 hours in Los Angeles County jail less credit for 24 hours, pay a fine of $500.00 Applicant was convicted in 2000 of Petty theft. Imposition of sentence suspended and placed on informal probation for a period of 3 years, ordered to pay a fine of $300.00.





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What is Hardship?