Third Country Nationals (Non-Mexicans)

The US Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez ACCEPTS the following types of NIV applications from Third Country National (TCN) applicants:

  • Applicants seeking to renew their C1/D, D, E , F, H (except H-2), I, J, L, M, O, P and R visas, regardless of where the original visa was issued.
  • Certain visa applicants may be subject to additional administrative processing. This administrative processing may last weeks, thus delaying visa delivery and the applicant’s return to the United States. Every effort will be made to expedite these procedures; however, it is not possible to guarantee completion of this process by a particular date.

Who Cannot Apply in Mexico

  • Applications for B1/2 and H-2 visas, including renewals, are not accepted from third country nationals who are not resident in Mexico.
  • Applicants who entered the U.S. with a visa issued in their home country and changed status with Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. who seek a new visa in the new visa category.
  • Applicants who entered the United States in one visa category and are seeking to re-enter the U.S. in a different visa category.
  • Applicants who have been out of status in the U.S. having violated the terms of their visas or having overstayed the validity indicated on their I-94s.
  • Applicants who entered the U.S. under the auspices of the Visa Waiver Program.
  • Applicants who obtained their current visa in a country other than that of their legal residence.

Additional Information

If you were informed when you obtained the original visa in your home country that you are subject to National Security Entry Exit Registrations (NSEERs), are a national of North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan  or Iran, you are not eligible to renew your visa in Mexico.

TCN Visa Renewals– Before deciding to apply at a consular section in Mexico, third country nationals should keep in mind that traveling to the country may require the appropriate Mexican visa from a Mexico’s embassy or consulate before making the trip. Potential applicants should be sure they have a visa, if necessary, and are prepared to wait several days in Mexico while their visa is being processed.

Each consulate is different and should be reviewed before leaving to that Country.


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Could I Apply as Third Country Nationals from Puerto Rico?