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Question: I have heard a great deal of new regulations and rules regarding anti-terrorism efforts. Have there been any new provisions recently that have been added?

Answer: Yes. If you are in Immigration Court and have submitted several different types of applications, there is a new procedure being implemented which is another layer of security checks.

Question: Which applications are applicable?

Answer: The applications are divided into two areas. First, if you apply for Asylum and Withholding of Removal. Secondly would be if you are applying for Adjustment of Status, Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents, Cancellation of Removal for Non Permanent Residents, Suspension of Deportation or Special NACARA Suspension of Deportation.

Question: If you are applying for the first category of Asylum and Withholding of Removal, what must you now do?

Answer: You must send certain documents now to the USCIS Nebraska Service Center. It should be entitled ‘Defensive Asylum Application with Immigration Court.’ You need to send a clear copy of the first three pages of your completed Form I-589 (Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal) that you will be filing or have filed with the Immigration Court, which must include your full name, your current mailing address, and your alien number (A number). Do Not submit any documents other than the first three pages of the completed I-589) and (2) A copy of Form EOIR–28 (Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative before the Immigration Court) if you are represented by an attorney.

Question: What will happen after these documents are sent in?

Answer: A USCIS receipt notice in the mail indicating that USCIS has received your asylum application, and an Application Support Center (ASC) notice for you and each dependent included in your application. Each ASC noticewill indicate the individual’s unique receipt number and will provide instructions for each person to appear for an appointment at a nearby ASC for collection of biometrics (such as your photograph, fingerprints, and signature). You should receive the notice within three weeks after submitting the documents to the USCIS in Nebraska. You (and your dependents) must then attend the biometrics appointment at the ASC, and obtain a biometrics confirmation document before leaving the ASC, and retain your ASC biometrics confirmation as proof that your biometrics were taken, and bring it to your future Immigration Court hearings.

Question: What is the procedure for the other applications you stated will be filed in Immigration Court?

Answer: A clear copy of the entire application form that you will be filing or have filed with the Immigration Court. (Do not submit any documents other than the completed form itself); (2) the appropriate application fee; (3) the $70 USCIS biometrics fee and (4) A copy of Form EOIR–28 (Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative before the Immigration Court) if you are represented. You should send it to the USCIS Texas Service Center.

Question: After you send these documents to Texas, will the same procedure be followed as with the Asylum application.

Answer: Most of it is exactly the same. However, with these applications, after you receive your biometrics appointment and get your fingerprints taken, you must file the following with the Immigration Court within the time period directed by the Immigration Judge: (1) the original application Form, (2) all supporting documentation, and (3) the USCIS notice that instructs you to appear for an appointment at the ASC.

Hopefully, this new procedure will not delay proceedings and will move efficiently through the process.


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PERM: More on Terrorism.