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“If the Police Aren’t Safe Here, What About Us?” Asylum Seekers Fear “Remain in Mexico” Policy

Texas Monthly reports on the initial implementation of the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy, as well as the dangers that individuals seeking asylum in the United States face while they are in Mexico. If fully enforced, the new policy could result in tens of thousands of migrants waiting in Mexican border cities for their cases to be heard in U.S. courts. The Hill reports that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent a letter to DHS demanding information about how this new policy is being implemented.

USCIS Begins Accepting Copies of Negative P Visa Consultations Directly from Labor Unions

USCIS announced that effective immediately, it will begin accepting copies of negative consultation letters relating to current or future P nonimmigrant visa petitions directly from labor unions. This announcement follows a similar announcement made in September 2018 that USCIS would begin accepting copies of negative consultation letters relating to current or future O nonimmigrant visa petitions directly from labor unions.

USCIS Issues Guidance on Policies and Procedures for Secure Identity Documents

Procedures related to secure identity documents issued by the agency, including how the agency delivers and tracks these documents and how requestors should request a replacement or reissuance of one. The guidance is effective today, is controlling, and supersedes any prior guidance on this matter. Comments are due by January 30, 2019.

Court Upholds BIA Denial to Certify Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claim Because It Is Not Subject to Judicial Review

In a case of first impression, the Ninth Circuit held ineffective assistance certifications are committed to agency discretion by the plain language of 8 CFR §1003.1(c), which contains no standard or meaningful guidance sufficient for judicial review.

HHS OIG Issues Report on Separated Children Placed in ORR Care

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report that found the total number of children separated from a parent or guardian by immigration authorities is unknown. Pursuant to a June 2018 district court order, HHS has thus far identified 2,737 children in the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s (ORR) care who were separated from their parents, but thousands of children may have been separated during an influx that began in 2017, before the accounting required by the court.

Trump Administration Weighed Targeting Migrant Families, Speeding Up Deportation of Children

NBC reports it obtained a draft plan that shows officials wanted to specifically target parents in migrant families for increased prosecutions, contradicting previous statements from the administration claiming it had no policy of separating families but was simply enforcing the law. The copy of the draft plan obtained by NBC also includes comments showing that officials considered speeding up migrant children’s deportations by denying them asylum hearings after separating them from their parents.

The Philippines removed from the H-2B List

Changes are:
Ethiopia and the Philippines were removed from the H-2A and H-2B eligibility lists.
The Dominican Republic was removed from the H-2B eligibility list.
Mozambique and Samoa were added to the H-2A and H-2B eligibility lists.
Paraguay was added to the H-2A eligibility list.

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