The Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC is a National Immigration Law Firm and can help with the understanding of all the new executive orders of President Biden and how it is rolling back and/or completely revoking the anti-immigration policies of Trump. It is a great relief to immigrants and the U.S. to have a new President who is not anti-immigrant and who does not bash and scapegoat immigrants to appease a White Nationalist base. Here are a few items of significance which President Biden has signed and what it means.

President Biden Issues Executive Order Revising Civil Immigration Enforcement Policies and Priorities. ICE Acting Director issued a memo establishing interim guidance in support of the interim civil immigration enforcement and removal priorities issued by DHS on 1/20/21. The guidance, effective immediately, covers enforcement actions, custody decisions, execution of final orders of removal, and more. While there has already been a Federal Judge in Texas who enjoined this order, it basically puts a halt on deportations to address the policies and reasons behind the deportations. This is because Trump both increased deportations and removed due process from people fighting to be deported. Our Law Office represents people in removal and deportation proceedings from the very first meeting with ICE to all of the hearings in front of the Immigration Judge. This would include the Master Calendar hearing, the contested hearings, the merits hearings and trial. If needed, our deportation attorneys will appeal your case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. We can even go up to the Circuit Courts of Appeal to do the Petitions for Review.

Another set of Executive orders deals with asylum and refugees. White House Issues Executive Order on Enhancing Refugee Resettlement Programs. President Biden issued an Executive Order revoking certain past presidential actions on refugee admissions and resettlement; directing government agencies to take steps to improve URSAP. The bottom line is that Trump essentially removed and stopped refugees from coming into the U.S. Of course, the U.S. is a beacon of hope for persons being prosecuted across the world and Trump did not care. President Biden has significantly increased the amount of refugees now allowed into the U.S. Getting asylum is not easy. Our immigration attorneys will prepare the entire asylum application and get supporting evidence from experts, Amnesty International, the State Department and other sources. We can also go with you (if inside the U.S.) to the asylum interview at the Asylum Office.

As you might know, Trump instituted the draconian MPP policy where people who were applying for asylum coming from the border from Mexico had to remain in Mexico until they had a Court date in the U.S. This was absurd as people suffering and being persecuted were essentially told to remain in a dangerous place of which many still missed their court dates. It was cruel. Now, President Biden has put an end to this. The White House issued an executive order to implement a comprehensive three-part plan for safe, lawful, and orderly migration across the southern border, as well as to review the Migrant Protection Protocols program. The order also directs a series of actions to restore the U.S. asylum system. Of course, there is one thing applying for asylum and quite another to win. Our office will do everything possible to try to win your asylum by putting together the best asylum package possible.

In sum, our Law Office will help with all immigration issues and problems anywhere in the U.S. Get a free consultation.

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Biden gets rid of MPP Policy